Aligned. Coherent. Measured. Resonant.

Imagine the consequences of being able to write a document that defines how you want your operation to function, being able to make your operation function that way with the push of a button, and then being able to measure the resulting operation in real-time.


30% productivity improvement is only a starting point.

Reap those benefits according to your business objectives – reduced cost, reduced cycle time, or increased operational capacity.

  • One life carrier increased new applications by 167% in the first 12 months with no staff changes.
  • Another life carrier increased new applications by 530% in the first two years with only 20% growth in new business and underwriting staff.
  • Straight-Through-Processing of an automatically identified segment of low-risk applications eliminated all human involvement and reduced cycle time from 3 days to 3 minutes.


Enable new markets and improve existing markets by transforming the customer experience with intelligent processing from sale initiation through to completion.

  • Increasingly, new markets demand immediate STP turnaround and ultra-low transaction cost as a condition of entry.
  • Increase the ratio of offers made and the ratio of offers taken through timely, consistent processing.
  • Increase customer retention with zero effort renewals.


Regulators, reinsurers, risk managers, and operational policy owners are arriving every day, offering to help. The costs of fines and poorly managed risk compound rapidly.

  • 100% compliance when guidelines require strict adherence.
  • 100% reporting, in real-time, when discretionary deviation to guidelines is allowed.
  • 100% audit of every edit made to guidelines, including effective dates, and every edit made during case processing.


90% reduction in deployment and revision time has profound consequences for market opportunities, operational optimization, and regulatory response.

  • On several different occasions, one life carrier’s business analyst added new products in under a week.
  • Another carrier added a new distribution channel in 5 weeks, with new products, new processes, and evidence vendor changes.
  • A “minor enhancements” list waiting 6 months for the IT project to even start is now handled in a day by a business analyst.