About Resonant

Resonant was founded on a simple premise – there must be a better way. After decades of considerable software spending and increasing technology sophistication, a broad segment of core business operations remain predominantly manual, chaotic, and impervious to substantive measurement. Why? Asking companies to spend even more can’t be the answer.

So we went back to the beginning and questioned the technical foundations that have long been taken for granted. Classic structured automation has worked well for predictable, repetitive environments, but it has stumbled elsewhere because the technology requirements and the business requirements are in conflict. Drawing from our own research in intelligent systems and constraint-based computing, we created a new foundation. One designed specifically for less repetitive environments that need intelligent processing on a case appropriate basis. What we discovered is that this new foundation delivers dramatically better results, yet does so with a dramatically simpler solution.

At Resonant, we are proud of what we have achieved and even more so of what our customers are achieving. We operate as a team, and are guided by three core principles: