Life, Health and Annuity

Life, Health and Annuity Client Acquisition

Resonant’s ILUS is the industry’s most advanced New Business and Underwriting solution at the industry’s lowest cost of ownership.

  • Imagine a single business analyst deploying new products, regulatory updates, or workflow changes in a few hours.
  • Imagine your simplified issue programs, your fully underwritten products, your application entry and your new business operations all sharing one common set of guidelines.
  • Imagine having fully automated straight through processing available on both your simplified issue jet programs and on your medically underwritten products.
  • Imagine being fully compliant – all of the time.
  • Imagine having real-time analytics that identify process bottlenecks, agent performance, vendor performance, and decision making patterns.

Imagine having it all in less than 90 days.


docSamples_newYou already have them. Why not use them? You should not have to develop new, complex technical specifications for use by programmers. The scope and behavior of your deployment is under your direct control, using your existing guideline documents:

  • Products, including age/face/state/rider restrictions.
  • Medical underwriting, including medical requirements, build tables, class eligibility, and scoring.
  • Operational, including IGO/NIGO conditions, forms, procedures, assignments, SLAs, and authority limits.
  • Regulatory, including replacement, suitability, AML, and agent licensing & appointment.
  • Reinsurance, including reinsurer, retention, and conditions for facultative processing.

Case Management

caseManagementResonant’s Intelligent Case Management capabilities ensure optimal case processing, providing users with the tools they need to find and complete their work in the most effective means possible. Throughout, they enforce inviolable guidelines when needed, guide and automate when possible, and provide the flexibility to adapt when appropriate.

  • Case “Inbox” allows users to focus on only those cases needing attention, together with the indicators and tools needed to prioritize work.
  • Intelligent individual, role or queue assignment based on any criteria, including product, face, state, channel, and load distribution.
  • Not-In-Good-Order (NIGO) tracking and management.
  • Requirements management based on defined guidelines and user input.
  • A range of communication options, including notes, task assignments, messaging, email, and external forms-based correspondence


underwriting_originalWhether it is simplified underwriting or full medical underwriting, ILUS enables insurers to reach the right conclusions with minimum time and cost. Defined guidelines drive the process, while authority limits and 100% real-time audit ensure compliance transparency.

  • A range of decision options, including fully automated decisions, recommended decisions with manual confirmation, and underwriter determined decisions.
  • Alerts to risk, class and insurability issues.
  • Automated requirement order, receipt, and analysis.
  • An underwriter’s workbench “developed by underwriters for underwriters”.
  • Collaborative integration with agents, case managers, and other underwriters so that additional needs are effectively addressed.



ILUS is able to capture the details of actual work practices at a previously unobtainable level. Reports may be real-time or scheduled, online or emailed, and may be viewable in a variety of formats. Possibilities include:

  • Pipeline statistics, including tools to review aging cases, personnel queues, and resource utilization.
  • Cycle time analytics, including the details required to discover and diagnose bottlenecks.
  • Agent, channel, and vendor performance.
  • Placement ratios, decision patterns, guideline deviations, and reasons for decisions.
  • 100% real-time audit of all aspects of the operation, including underwriting and regulatory compliance.